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Dear Friend And Concerned Parent, Guardian or Family Member, (or maybe even YOU!)

My name is Cameron Abel. I am the proud father of two beautiful boys aged 10 and 7 and I am disgusted and horrified by the increase of child bullying and also adult bullying. Be it on-line, at school, in the workplace or even just socially, this vile behavior is on the increase and causing real problems in the lives of our children and also adults. I have made a short video below to highlight some of what I am talking about as well as it being a bit of a summary of what my Dealing With Bullies site is about and more importantly, what it is trying to stop!

I have made this site to not only gain a better understanding of how I can help my own children, but also to share what I have used and learned along the way with all other parents out there as well as my own personal bullying experiences. When you are the victim of bullying or a parent with a child that is being bullied, you can feel totally alone and it seems almost as if there is no place to turn for help!

If you have found your way here then most likely, you have a real interest in learning all about bullies, how to get the confidence and skills to start dealing with bullies and what the best ways are to stop them!

On My Dealing With Bullies Site You’ll Learn:

  • How to define and observe bullying – its not always that simple!
  • What you can do to make sure you or your child can defeat these cowards – through information, self defence and self confidence!
  • Who you can talk to and what to say – always a hard task and can get quite awkward
  • Strategies to reduce the impacts of bullying – its all about preparation!
  • Reviews of the best programs and strategies you can use to help defeat the bullies! – there are heaps of great dealing with bullies programs out there and we show you the best!
  • How to support your children through any bullying with real strategies for dealing with bullies – without your support they will struggle beyond belief! Your kids need you more than ever if they are victims of bullying!
  • Dealing with bullies at school. How to notice if your child is being cyberbullied – what the key things to look out for and measures and strategies you can use to disarm those nasty cyberbullies!
    • A wake up call for all parents! – Never, never, ever let this happen to you, your child and your family!


Bullying Facts plus much, much more!

Surely you and your children deserve you doing all you can to learn and support them against this rapidly growing and vile practice. Bullying is not new and it is also here to stay! We just have to learn how to make us and our kids less of a target and then teach them how dealing with bullies can be learned just like any other life skill!

Us parents can make a real difference but only if we do not ignore this vitally important issue!We must act now and act fast as prevention and support is always the best option rather than repair and rebuild.

Don’t forget that if it is not your children but YOU who is actually being bullied – rest assured there is heaps of info and help here for you too! Adult bullying either at work or just socially still exists and it can destroy lives at any age!


If you want to get started with some great action based information straight away then please take a close read through some of the many helpful articles on bullying full of bullying facts on the sidebar to the left of screen. As for those dealing with bullies programs I referred to earlier and for what I believe to be a fantastic resource in dealing with bullies, please take a look at the information packed Anti-Bully System!

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  • This is an awesome website Cameron ! It is super helpful for a research paper that I am doing. I choose effects of bullying for my topic because I believe it is very serious and takes place everywhere and all the time. I just wanted to say thank you for this great and helpful site. I’m so glad I came across this.

  • Thanks so much for your kind feedback Giselle! I hope you get everything you need for your paper but I guess more importantly, I hope that people find this information useful and helpful in dealing with this terrible bullying epidemic. All the best! Cameron

  • Thank you for this helpful website. I found this site because i am doing a research project about bullying. I chose bullying because its very serious and it goes on all around the world and i think we need to do what we can to stop it.

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