Some Ways To Stop Cyber Bullying

We need to stop cyber bullying now!

As detailed in my post “What Is A Cyberbully And Cyberbullying”, basically cyber bullying is any sort or type of bullying that occurs by way of taunts or abuse through electronic or online mediums. The two most common forms of cyber bullying is through the victims mobile or cell phone or via social networking sites and accounts such as FaceBook and MySpace. This practice is growing so fast that we have to band together to stop cyber bullying as soon as we can!

Cyber bullying is exceptionally nasty due to the ease in which it can be done, the anonymity it can provide if desired and also because of the amount of people that can observe the bullying. Taunts or abuse in the school yard or the workplace is mostly only witnesses by a handful of people whereas hundreds, thousands and even more people can watch, comment on or even take part in the bullying.

Why is it so important to stop cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying has taken bullying to the next level and is already a major contributor to childhood trauma and also teenage suicide. Cyber bullying must be stopped and here are a few ways to ensure you or your children are not targeted or affected by the cowards of the world that are cyber bullies.

Firstly, to stop cyber bullying, prevention is far better than a cure. You or your child should be confident, have good self esteem and most importantly, have a good avenue of communication between parents especially, but also other trusted family members and teachers. Having these areas in check puts you or your child in a much lower category of bullying on any level. Bullies are predominantly cowards and generally seek out their targets looking for weakness and isolation.

Secondly, there must be some transparency to what your children are doing online and who they are talking to. In this age where every look in a teenagers bedroom or every question about who was on the phone is an “invasion of their privacy”, we must be sure that in giving them their own space and privacy that we do not neglect our basic parental obligation which is looking out for and after our kids! With this in mind, to stop cyber bullying becoming an issue there should be no computers or laptops in bedrooms.

Ideally, all computers connected to the Internet should be out in the open as best as possible. By all means, study and assignments may be done off-line and in the room or study however most cyber bullying happens in the seclusion of children’s bedrooms at ungodly hours where there is no parental supervision. Sadly, most parents of children targeted through cyber bullying often have no idea at all what was occuring. This is simply because they are not seeing what is happening when their child is on-line, they are not aware of messages their children are receiving and are not talking to their children about the dangers of being on-line.

Thirdly, when you or your children are on FaceBook or the like, are you aware of the security options that are available. Most of the default settings allow anyone to see your page, send you messages and comment on it. To stop cyber bullying, the best thing to do is make sure that the full security options are on. This means that only specific, identified people, confirmed by you or your child are able to access the page. A cyber bully has no chance whatsoever to attack pages they are not allowed to see or contact people without approval or permission to do so!

Same thing goes for cell phones. Treat your number very carefully and ensure that only those who you trust have the number. Put the numbers of all your friends in your cell and simply do not answer if the number calling is unfamiliar to you.

These are only just a few quick and easy ways to stop cyber bullying from happening and also how to put a stop to it once it has started.

Some ways you can stop cyber bullying…

To review the above, the keys to stop cyber bullying are as follows:

1) Ensure there is great communication between you and your children. Foster an environment of love and support where anything and everything can be talked about. Your child always came to you when they were hurt and upset when they were little – what happened to stop that as they got older?

2) Build your child up to be as confident and level headed as they can be.  A firm grasp of who they are and what they stand for will really help them make sure they are never targeted by bullies.

3) Do not allow too much private time for cell phone calls or Internet access. In full family view is best.

4) Utilize full security options for whenever your children are on-line.

As is with everything in life, knowledge and education is power! There is some other great and helpful info all over however to really stop cyber bullying I can recommend the book below to really deliver a top shelf message and provide you with even more tools to help you deal with the bullies! Have a closer look for yourself, stop cyber bullying and defeat those bullies!

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As always,

Never stop listening to, supporting and loving our children and do everything you can to stop cyber bullying.

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