The Effects Of Bullying For Victims

What are the Effects of Bullying?

As we are starting to see more and more these days, the effects of bullying are far reaching and can end in extremely tragic circumstances. Please read right through this website for ideas and strategies for the different types of bullying and dealing with bullies however you can also use the Anti Bully System to put a stop to this awful problem right now!

In schools that have bullying problems or issues, the whole school can suffer as a result of the effects of bullying such as students (even those who are not being victimized) feeling intimidated and tense in their surroundings and learning environment. Just because they themselves are not being bullied, just being around that sort of climate is distressing enough and leads to poor engagement and consequently a reduced capacity to learn. It is hardly surprising to see students struggling with their schoolwork if they do not feel safe and at ease within the boundaries of their school. effects of bullying

It is also a complete waste of time when our teachers have to spend valuable teaching time on bullying, effects of bullying and behavioral issues rather than developing and educating our children.

What effects can bullying have? It is easy to see how it is not just the victim but also teachers and schools who feel the effects of bullying and stress and this is before we even enter the realm of the parents anguish and upset.

The most common effects of bullying…

Several surveys of both adults and children show that both short-term effects of bullying and long-term effects of bullying can be quite severe. There are many implications however these are the most often repeated responses.

1)     Bullying, especially severe bullying can result in our children leaving school early and also not wanting to further their education at university or college. Nearly 50% of survey respondents report that bullying adversely affected their plans for further education.

2)     Effects of bullying can be seen in tragic emotional consequences for victims of bullies. Again, nearly 50% of those surveyed revealed they had considered or thought about committing suicide as a result of bullying. Sadly to say, this group converts thoughts to actions at approximately 20% of these victims actually trying to commit suicide. To put this into perspective, students who are not bullied have only a 0.07% chance of contemplating suicide. This figure reduces further down to only 0.03% chance of actually attempting suicide. The effects of bullying shows a victim of bullying also has a chance of more than 3 times the normal of suffering depression.

3)     There is often no end to bullying for victims. Devastating effects of bullying is the pattern it creates in victims’ minds and personalities that can last their whole life. Of those people bullied at school, nearly 40% of them report being bullied again later in life be it during further education, work or even socially.

4)     The impact of bullying is severe! Bullying and the effects of bullying is a self esteem killer! Whatever form the bullying takes and also regardless of the content, just about every bullying victim reports that they feel worse about themselves after they have been bullied. Especially in our young and developing children, self esteem is critical. Bullies sap this from their victims creating further problems for the victim. Nearly 40% of bullied victims have low self esteem compared with less than 1% for normal, everyday kids.

5)     Victims of bullying have much higher absenteeism levels than that of normal children. Obviously the more time spent away from classes and work not only limits their education and achievement but also takes them out of the necessary social circles, stopping them from making new friends, benefiting from the support of current friends and learning how to actually deal with these bullies. This lack of a good network is one of the most dangerous effects of bullying.

6)     On the subject of friends, victims of bullying can have trouble holding onto their current ones due to the fact of the pack mentality especially at school. Teenagers especially do not like to isolate themselves by sticking up for someone no matter what their internal thoughts and feelings are. If only they realized the true nobility of their actions in doing so but unfortunately these lessons are learned later in life! Because victims of bullying can also come across as “different” or “trouble” they also struggle to make new friends. Throw in peer pressure and it is even harder to reach out to these people.

7)     Bullying and mental health going forward. Because victims have not had the chance to effectively devise coping strategies and abilities, one of the key effects of bullying is that they can often find themselves dealing with more struggles later in life as a result. Long term relationships are harder to form and sustain and sadly, the pattern of bullying continues but now in adult life the victim becomes the bully and is more likely to resort to aggression and violence to resolve conflict.

There are of course many more implications, effects of bullying, results and struggles that are felt by the victims of bullying. The key for them and indeed us as parents and guardians is knowledge of how bullying occurs, learning how to identify bullying before things get too far out of control, understanding how to deal with bullies and of course supporting victims of bullies through guidance, education and love.

As is with everything in life, knowledge and education is power! There is some other great and helpful info all over however I can totally recommend The Anti Bully Guide to really deliver a top shelf message and provide you with even more tools to help you deal with the bullies and the effects of bullying!

All in all, you just won’t find a better stop bullying package and anti bullying resources to deal with the effects of bullying so have a closer look for yourself and defeat those bullies once and for all!

No longer will you or someone you love be a victim!

“Never stop listening, loving and teaching our children – no matter what, and keep a close watch out so you can spot the effects of bullying!”


38 thoughts on “The Effects Of Bullying For Victims

  • Unfortunately bullying occurs for so many reasons and yep those with red hair certainly get their fair share even though here in Australia, red hair jokes are normally much more light hearted but can still cause grief and anguish. Knowing the best ways to help in dealing with bullies and how to prepare yourself goes a long way to stopping bullying. All the best, Cameron

  • well bullying is very bad and lives the one how is bullyed sad and mabe thay will kille thame selfs but the bull does not see that

  • You are so right Soliz. Just remember that there is always help available no matter how dark everything seems. If you or anyone you know needs help with bullying or are thinking or talking about ending it all, please talk to someone straight away. Take care.

  • What rights does the bullied child have? I have gone to the police and there is a no contact order against some children with my child. School starts in a couple of weeks and it is not fair for her to have to transfer schools because of the bullies. We only have 1 school in our district and so she would have to go to another city. Is this fair? What is a fair option to my daughter? I am finding tons of articles about what it is, laws, how to help stop it, but nothing about how to deal with it socially. Any suggestions?

  • yes…it is true that bullying is wrong…trust me i would know i am 13 yrs old and have been a target to bullying many times! everyone has there rights!!!…tell your sister, daughter, son, brother ENYONE that if they dont stand up to them themselves then knowone will…stand up and make a difference! you alnoe can help us all!! 🙂

  • There is a boy in my school & he gets bullied every day… He can be a little annoying but its just not right the way he is treated… I want to say something every time but I just can’t find my voice… I kick myself every day for not saying any thing but what am I supposed to do??? Its just so hard… I try to help him a little by talking with him, & Im trying to teach him how to just ignore them & to know when to quit but he isn’t catching on so well cause they just keep bullying him… It really sucks to be bullied, I was bullied almost my whole life for being a “bigger” person but now I have lost it all & all of the people who have bullied me don’t even dare say any thing any more… It kinda makes me feel good cause I really proved them wrong… I just wish that boy in my school could have the same strength I do… I wish I could do more to help him…

  • Hey Kayla, being there for this boy is an awesome start and I am sure he appreciates your words and kindness way more than you know! If more people like you stood up for and alongside victims of bullying, the world would be a much better place for us all. The sooner we rid our society of bullying, the better for everyone. If all those poor innocent people that have so far taken their lives thanks to the effects of bullying had even one friend or someone they could talk to like yourself and this boy then perhaps they would not have chosen that most drastic of actions. All the best and thank-you!

  • i had a friend once who was bullied in..i stood up for him multiple times but no one listened to me. he would tell me that he didn’t want to live anymore and that everyone would be happier if he didn’t exsist, and when he made a status saying that, people commented on it and told him that he should kill himself and that school would be a better place for them if he killed himself. i now have to see those people everyday, and every time they look at me, i just want to punch them in the face because THEY are the ones who took my best friend from me. THEY are the ones who destroyed a once happy and whole-hearted boy. i miss him so much. RIP Tj:'(

  • Friends and all visitors to this site… can there possibly be a more obvious reason to jump in and stamp out bullying than the tragic comment below. There ate tragic stories just like TJ below that come out worldwide every single day. We simply CAN NOT let this vile practice continue. Support the victim, do everything you can to stop the bullies and also support those brave enough to make a stand against bullies! Thank-you for sharing your story nichole. Cameron

  • im a vicyum of bulling im 13 years old i go to wil rogers middle school in fair oaks i go threw the strugges and i have had recent thoughts of suiced i dont know what to do can you please help………. i need someone to talk to befor i make the biggest mistake of my life please…..

    sincerly makara bonnet
    email me:
    thank you or call 916 613 3961 my mothers cell phone i need the help!
    thank you

  • I’ve been bullied my hole life and when I tried to stick up for myself, I would always loose. I loved playing sports, I am stronger than any girl and I dont know what I should do. Right now I’m trying to forgive and forget but I feel like it doesn’t work. I seem like a happy person but I get upset because I let everything bother me when it shouldn’t. I get imbaresed easly and I don’t stick up for myself. I love life sometimes and I know that my family and friends love me but I feel empty and lost some times. Why me?

  • Hi There Makara,

    Having trouble contacting you but sounds like you really need to get some support at school!

    Your message makes my heart sink and I just hope and pray that you know in your heart that some of the options you are considering are really tragic, final and devastating. It sounds as if your Mum knows about the situation so I urge you to talk to her…about everything. Get your teachers involved and talk to your school counselor if you have one. I have contacted your school and I am sure that they will take care of you.

    Please take care Makara and know that you are so valuable and your life is so precious. School holidays are just about upon us so you will get some relief and also some time to help sort out those that are troubling you. Please talk to your Mum!

    Let me know how you go!


  • Hey Mary, what you are going through is so normal as you grow up and make your way through life. It sounds as though you have a good head on your shoulders but and are fully aware of what is going on around you and how to deal with it. You may feel like you are losing when you stand up for yourself but you should know that you are actually winning. Bullies get stronger when they are unopposed and are let to get away with their abuse. Every stand against a bully makes it that much harder for them to hurt you – believe it or not! The fact that you have friends and family around you that love you is so, so important and never forget that. Talk to them whenever you need to and don’t try to face lifes hardships all alone! Take care Mary and good luck!


  • My son is bullied at school and now it has escalated to assault and battery. He was choked in front of an adult supervisor the other day that left red marks on his neck. The adult just said Stop It… The bully, I fear, is being abused at home in some way and it is manifesting at school. The school’s solution is suspension but I think intervention and counseling will help all involved. I don’t want the bullied child to be marginalized and cast off, but I can’t have him around other kids when he aggressively confronts and assaults them.

  • You are so right Michelle – suspension solves nothing except from giving everyone, both students and teachers a break from the bully and their behaviour. Intervention is the key as you say, to find and isolate the cause of the bullying and then remedy it. The more it is swept under the carpet, the harder it becomes to repair the damage.

  • Speaking as an educator I can say that bullying happens even within the faculty and staff at the school I teach for in the southern US. The worst part about is that the main bully is the principal and we’re afraid nothing is going to be done since the principal’s father works at the administration building for our district. When I went to department supervisor (I’m the art teacher) about the incidents I was just given a “thank you” for sticking in there and didn’t have anything happen. I was told there was an “investigation” going on with the labor relations board but the bullying is getting worse and my fellow staff members are at the end of their ropes.

  • Hey Kate and thanks for commenting!
    It’s true that workplace bullying is certainly alive and well in this day and age. And as economies suffer and work becomes harder to find and also keep, the pressure on employees and workers to put up with conditions they shouldn’t have to also increases. Your situation where family is involved certainly complicates things as the fear factor grows with each person that is affected. What happens is that those that potentially have the power to do something about the bullying are also frozen by the fear of what will happen as a result. It just goes to show that confronting and dealing with bullies takes a lot of courage and a lot of support. My advice to you is confide in with those that you can trust, document everything and look for ways to keep out of the firing line until this principals day comes. Good luck and stay strong!

  • camnjane [or anyone willing to help
    I am a parent of a middle school age old boy. I found out today that he is being bullied because he has red hair to the point he does not want to go to school. Sad thing is his hair is strawberry blonde (blonde with a reddish tint) not even red-red. I don’t know what to do. If I contact the teachers, the bullies will be talked to and the bullies are 100 times worse to my son after the teachers are not around. It seems as if when you reach out for the help the child suffers more. Help son wants to dye his hair brown or black. True, he won’t be a redhead but this may give these bullies a new thing to pick on him about. I do reassure him of all the people that love him just the way he is and his answer to me is, yeah, but they are all adults. It’s his peers. What do you think I should do? Dye it or not. How can my son stop these kids? What can I do as a parent?

  • The problem today is the parents upbringing of these kids! The problem today is the kids themselves don’t give a rats azz if their peer at school kills themselves. These bullies are horrible human beings. Kids are cruel mean and rotten to each other and god bless the good kids.

  • Oh my, this story struck my heart..Nichole, I feel your pain and I fear more so my son’s pain. He is being abused at school by the bullies…..dear child thank you for standing up to those bullies for your friend. You know you tried and if you believe in God, he loves you for protecting your friend…YOU ARE MY NEW HERO!
    Here is Nicoles comment that I read:

    November 11, 2011 at 4:08 am | Permalink

    i had a friend once who was bullied in..i stood up for him multiple times but no one listened to me. he would tell me that he didn’t want to live anymore and that everyone would be happier if he didn’t exsist, and when he made a status saying that, people commented on it and told him that he should kill himself and that school would be a better place for them if he killed himself. i now have to see those people everyday, and every time they look at me, i just want to punch them in the face because THEY are the ones who took my best friend from me. THEY are the ones who destroyed a once happy and whole-hearted boy. i miss him so much. RIP Tj:’(

  • Hi Concerned Parent,
    I am not sure that dyeing the hair would make much difference sadly. The bullies would then just have something else to pick on especially if the results were not that great. Your problem is and probably always will be the fact that some authorities and teachers can actually make the situation worse if they don’t handle the complaint properly. You are doing the right thing reaffirming him of all the people that love him even if he says that doesn’t make a difference. My best advice is to keep up the reinforcement to your boy, keep pumping him up that getting bullied merely for his hair color although frustrating and upsetting is really not that bad and he is better than those bullies. I always also recommend some sort of self defense classes such as Karate. Not only will these classes give your child some much needed self defense skills, but many of them deal specifically with handling bullies and his confidence will also soar to the point where the bullies just won’t bother him that much anymore. Good luck and please report back how things go!

  • sometimes, you just got to hold on to what you got, and forget everything else. yes, life isn’t easy, fighting for it is even harder, but in the end, you’d all be amazed at what suffer can’t get you. so things may be bad now, for a long time, and you feel like you can’t move on. but that’s life. you have it harder then others, but that just means your suffering will be over sooner. so don’t give up. don’t give in. because if you do, even wherever you go after this lifetime, you’d just be wondering. wondering, if you had just held on longer if things would have gotten better. if you could of gotten married and have a family, and grow old with someone you love. life sucks, but the future – you won’t know if you don’t fight!

  • I have been bullied ever since I was in 2nd grade. I have always tried to defen myself. I am in middle school now. One day a boy tried to sneak a note in my desk, but I cought him. Later that day he gave me the same note and told me someone gsve it to him. I read the note and I started to cry.The note said ”You stink like a skunk and you need to take a ling shower. Also wear that good smellindg disorient. I told my mom and did something to help me.

  • I was bullied throughout middle school and high school because of my sexual orientation. In 2011 a failed suicide attempt brought me to a mental facility, and I would be dead if it weren’t for recently seeing a youtube video by Jonah Mowry. In his strength to keep going, I found my own.

  • my ex-bestfriend is starting to threat me threw facebook saying that she is going to put me and my friends in the hospital and i go to boxing practice to get my anger out but its not helping me at all ever since she came to this school shes been nothing but trouble to the eighth, seventh, and sixth grade im thirteen and go to clippert academy middle school and i just cant stand the way she just threatens me but one thing is im not scared of her im just scared the waay she threatens my friendss and i. >:/

  • when i was in the 2nd grade and the 5th grade they liked to make fun of me they would like to say that you are going to die if you keep on coming to this school….. Kala you are telling a serious story and thank you….

  • I am in a college course called psychological tests and measurement. I am creating a survay to conduct it thoughout my state on suicidal thoughts from bullying and was wondering if any of you had any imput on questions that you would put on this survay. I do not have much background with bullying and would love to hear some things from others with some type of background. this survey is to try and find some problem areas and try to see where we can help, and what individuals that have been bullied would like for help to prevent future suicides.

  • It started last year my daughter was with a teacher who criticized her for crying over who dad who passed at that time a year and a half prior. This teacher had 0 perosnality and I fought and fought yet she was never changed classes. 5th grade well I had requested a teacher who has dealt with a grieving child . My daughter scored best in her grade on state tests so they moved her to a new teacher for a class that offerd advanced learning. Well this year she feels like a misfit and is acting out . She has had ISS for a kid that was taking her toy at lunch trying to rip it in half . My daughter called her the B word. Sencond a time a aprent called teh principal said she swore on the bus and gave her ISS latter when I spoke to bus driver found out she never swore ( I know she has done it before) that day and it was teh child whose mom called . Nothing done to that child. Third time ISS for walking to a different school before teh bus . Ridiculas yes and no was the day after the shootings . No clue what to do my daughter should bea leader she is a good student , pretty tiny pettite , a dancer who wins awards all the time, and is in select band, So I am thinking it is a price for last year stories I heard from parents and her are so sad i cry for her . I did fight not hard enough. This year kids are mean to her at lunch think they are jealous it is a group of girls who are heavy set and well awkward. School moved teh girls no conssquence though. I dont know what to do so she will feel like she is Morgan again? I have lost my caring , kind , and respectful kid ? It seems school has her labeled noway should a 10 year old be getting ISS when they had not seen her in the office ever before !!

  • So much pain and suffering can be derrived from Bullying. I should know, I’ve been bullied and sickeningly I was a bully and still kinda am. But I’m trying hard to stop because I know what a few words can do to someones Self esteem and how it tears them apart. I in truth make myself sick constantly, just thinking about the pain I have created disgusts me, but as hard as I try it feels like I just can’t stop. I think it’s the power that I get that makes me feel this way but after reading more on this subject and remembering all the shit I had to put up with when I was younger has opened my eyes and I shall quit bullying, no matter what it costs me.

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